with your suppliers

Marketplace is a central business directory that enables buyers to search and analyse live supplier data, while vendors of any size can manage and upload their company data, orders, invoices and products online.

Marketplace simplifies and improves supplier transacting overheads by electronically connecting buyers and sellers. Buyers can reduce costs and manage risk, cash and working capital by purchasing from the right suppliers that offer the best value. Suppliers can self-manage their data and catalogues, gain competitor insight and drive sales.


supplier <br/> collaboration

Marketplace creates a dynamic ecosystem of shared information between buyers and sellers. It enables electronic interchange of orders, delivery notifications and invoices, driving real-time collaboration and communication.

vendor data

vendor data <br/> management

Suppliers can self-manage their master data, certifications, contracts and documentation, creating efficiency in vendor management and providing buyers with on-demand comprehensive, up-to-date supplier data.


AP <br/> automation

Document interchange features in Marketplace effectively link invoices to purchase orders, reducing risk, driving efficiency and fast-tracking payments.

cash flow

cash flow <br/> management

In partnership with leading financial services organisations, Marketplace provides frictionless cash flow management solutions to improve your supplier’s liquidity.

supplier management simplified

supplier management simplified