Fraxion facilitates invoice matching to purchase orders and proof of delivery notes. Duplication, overspending and paying for undelivered items and services not rendered is eliminated.

Automate and manage accounts payable processes, enforce segregation of duties throughout the entire payment process, manage tolerances and automate payment release strategies.

Strategic supplier agreements can be negotiated through consolidation of orders and Fraxion data retrieval, enabling you to leverage supplier negotiations and realise potential savings.

  • Increase efficiency and accuracy
  • Replace paper-based processes
  • Accelerate turnaround times and unlock savings opportunities at AP level


Automate and control the entire accounts payable process, linking invoices to both orders and requests in order to easily approve invoices and eliminate overpayments and duplicate invoices.

“Whilst we have not yet got an integrated solution in place, the implementation of Fraxion allows the business to manage authorisation of spend by management and budget owners. Finance is able to obtain reliable information from Fraxion, which is used to update our ledgers and pay suppliers knowing the outputs are approved,” Sean McDiarmid, Group Financial Controller

Maitland Trust Limited

“As OSN has grown across the MENA region, Fraxion Spend Management has proven to be a system that easily integrates new operations with the central business office. Fraxion facilitates a simple approval process that allows the business to move swiftly in the marketplace, whilst providing OSN with the ability to maintain the internal controls needed across our widespread international locations.” Julie Lee, Finance Systems and Processes



Create purchase requests, direct purchasing to authorised suppliers and upload relevant documents to verify requests and support audit requirements.


Fraxion enforces three-way matching between invoices, delivery notes and purchase orders, automating payment release strategies to eliminate overpayment.

enforce policies

Alerts notify users of discrepancies and ensure compliance with company policies


Accurate valid data is ready to be uploaded into the accounting system for payment and ageing.

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