Automate and manage expense claims; Fraxion streamlines the submission and reimbursement of expenditure incurred by employees on behalf of the company. With remote access from any mobile device, claims can be submitted on-the-go, saving time and driving efficiency.

This effortless and transparent process is underpinned by company policy rules and approval thresholds, ensuring compliance and control over business expenses.

  • Boost mobile productivity
  • Submit expense claims electronically and attach receipts and supporting documents
  • View budgets in real-time prior to approving requests
  • Enforce company policies


Streamline the submission of expense claims and ensure compliance with corporate policies while simplifying and speeding up reimbursement processes.
Fraxion provides visibility of expenses and replaces paper-based requisitions with electronic documents and an efficient workflow.

“American Express Foreign Exchange is a business that operates on very thin margins and thus business efficiencies are very important. The Fraxion Spend Management Solution has enabled Amex to automate the last frontier of our business.” Margie Ward, Chief Financial Officer

American Express

“Fraxion has been a great help in managing various departments’ expense budgets. It is extremely flexible, simple and user friendly and I find the reporting options most useful, especially for accrual purposes.” Dorothy Stoter, Head of Accounts Payable

Avroy Shlain


Create expense claims: include all relevant data and upload photos of receipts or supporting documents. Submit the request and it will be routed to the appropriate line manager for approval.


With access to receipts, accuracy is ensured, speeding up the approval and reimbursement process. Managers can review, approve or reject claims using any mobile device.


Once approved, the claim is processed and sent for payment release, fast tracking reimbursement procedures.

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