Automate, simplify and control procurement processes. Fraxion gives you the visibility and tools to control who buys what, from where and at what price. These factors are the key to achieving effective spend management. The control framework configured with your company policies enable your employees to purchase goods and services with ease and speed, without the risk of overspending or fraud.

Fraxion ultimately promotes accountability and responsible spending: Accurately record every transaction, allocate costs to appropriate projects or costs centres, accelerate processes and ensure that every cent is approved before it is spent.

  • Automates the entire purchase-to-pay process
  • Ensures policy compliance
  • Channels expenditure to authorised suppliers
  • Provides budget visibility at decision points and routes requests through escalating levels of approval.


Automate and simplify purchasing. Fraxion electronically manages request creation, quoting, approvals, purchase order generation and the processing of invoices.

“With the implementation of Fraxion we’ve gained the correct authorisation of all expenditure in line with the organisation’s delegation of authority, thus enabling overall visibility and better budget controls.” Bennie Pienaar, Procurement Manager

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“Fraxion has been effective in ensuring consistency in implementing company authorisation frameworks; thus enhancing management’s ability to implement tactical expenditure strategies.” Elrina Dreyer, Management Accountant



Create purchase requests and upload supporting documentation; quoting policies will be enforced where required. Link requests to authorised suppliers and allocate to cost centres and projects.


Requests are routed to the appropriate line manager with escalating levels of approval

audit trail

An audit trail can be accessed, detailing each stage in the transaction lifecycle

PO generation

Once approved a purchase order is generated in Fraxion, including your company details and logo

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