Medical Specialist Holdings to deploy Fraxion across 31 locations

Nov 20 2018

Healthcare professionals, Medical Specialist Holdings (MSH) will deploy Fraxion across multiple locations to improve control and efficiencies. Fraxion will automate manual processes and assist MSH to achieve paperless productivity. The accessibility and ease of use of Fraxion’s cloud solution will drive user adoption across their widespread operations.

“Fraxion is expanding its footprint in supporting companies that do great work in oncology and other chronic diseases where efficiency and control is critical. We are excited for this roll-out and the quantifiable results that will follow,” said Fraxion Sales Manager, Taryn Cromie.

Medical Specialist Holdings (MSH) is a South African-based company offering oncology-related clinical, administrative, infrastructure, operational and strategic business management services to aligned oncology practices across Africa. As the holding company for ISIMO Health and Equra Health, MSH and its partner companies will champion the shift from fee-for-service to value-based healthcare to improve the patient experience, resulting in a healthier population and a reduction in the per capita cost of healthcare.