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Property Management and REIT sector companies require rigid control over expenditure for services, from maintenance, security, cleaning, landscaping, and all activities required to keep a property in peak condition. Accurate and timeous procurement processes are vital to facility management and the effective running of office buildings, hotels, resorts and shopping centres. In this highly competitive market, careful management of a wide range of suppliers, as well as prompt, authorised payments of utility and tax bills, and other invoices is paramount. Both the owners and the tenants who are in receipt of and pay for the services expect clear and accurate accounting for all operating expenses.

When managing property portfolios, whether they are your own or those of clients, there is increasing pressure to contain costs, improve services and reduce the risk of any potential financial deficits. The expectations are heightened as portfolios grow, making it imperative to deploy technology to manage processes and control spend to gain a competitive advantage in this price-sensitive market.

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Procurement Manager

Shain Pregnolato

“With reference to our implementation of Fraxion, I am pleased to say that we have had a positive response from the business in that it has facilitated ease of business processes through the incorporation of our delegated authority being used as a framework to facilitate online expenditure approvals. Whilst we do not use the payment module, we are very satisfied to date and find that Fraxion complements our JD Edwards ERP system.

Fraxion has furthermore aided an audit trail, which is always a plus. The user friendliness of the programme and the ease of workflow certainly improves efficiencies.

Fraxion has also been very accommodating and compromising throughout the project and certainly is a company which one could engage with in long term business relations.“

  • Provide an organisation-wide procurement and invoice processing system
  • Enhance  their tenant’s experience by containing running costs and improving operational efficiency
  • Improve efficiency around the ordering process. Manage unlimited requests, higher value requests escalate to appropriate managers for approval.
  • Approve requests from any location using smart devices
  • Gain control of decentralised procurement processes by deploying technology that governs approvals based on configured policies.
  • Manage, track and report on all B-BBEE requirements
  • Track project related expenses against specific clients or projects from pre-approved expenditures such as project related purchases or travel and expense claims to invoice generated payments.
  • Generate purchase orders per property. Where each property is a private entity, associated expenditure can be tracked and reported on.
  • Gain visibility of expenditure through analytical tools, BI and reporting capabilities
  • Centralise control over distributed receipting and approvals by property managers
  • Achieve scalability: Fraxion can be deployed rapidly and securely across as many locations as required.
  • Upload unlimited documents to support approvals
  • Integrate with accounting/ERP solutions for end-to-end control
  • Where languages, currencies and tax rates differ, Fraxion adapts with ease. Configurable policies and regulations will still apply, regardless of the location
  • Reduce hardware, software and IT management costs
  • Manage contracts and supplier take-on processes and leverage your buying power

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