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Success in the Food and Beverage industry can be impacted by ever-increasing food prices and price sensitive consumers. Given the competitive nature of the industry, with mergers and acquisitions prevailing, intricate supplier networks at play, order management demands and limitations with perishable supplies; cost containment is paramount to the growth and success of companies in this industry. With no adequate technology in place to review the impact of spend against budgets, authorisation of expenditure before it is incurred and no means of enforcing company spending policies, substantial losses are imminent.

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Financial Manager

Willie van Zyl

“The use of Fraxion has cut down on paperwork and administration time for financial staff. Since we started using Fraxion the staff’s frustration levels with regards to chasing down paper and awaiting spend authorisations has decreased significantly. Not only has our entire control framework with regards to indirect expenditure strengthened, but we now have access to real-time, granular information that allows us to make meaningful management decisions in a timely manner.”

  • Manage intricate supply chains
  • Reduce expenditure and streamline ordering
  • Improve supplier engagement and relationships with distributors, regional branches and local suppliers
  • Control the entire purchase-to-pay process through defined policies and automated workflows
  • Improve efficiency and accuracy and reduce manual processing
  • Leverage spend and realise potential savings by tracking spend by supplier
  • Manage orders by purchasing the correct volumes on time and from the appropriate supplier
  • Simplify re-ordering processes
  • Protect financial resources through improved budgeting
  • Encourage responsible spending and accountability
  • Review the anticipated impact on the budget for the account, project or cost centre for which a purchase request is submitted
  • Support local sourcing
  • Optimise spend through strategic supplier agreements
  • Negotiate discounts with suppliers
  • Track and consolidate spending by supplier across office locations

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