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In today’s economic climate, financial services organisations need to constantly re-invent themselves to remain relevant and be one step ahead of their competitors.  Astute financial services organisations know that maintaining partnerships with cutting-edge technology solution providers is essential for them to maintain their competitive advantage, manage risk and increase their bottom line.

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Ruan Aldum

“Fraxion has enabled Transaction Capital Recoveries to systemise spending in an automated end-to-end process to monitor budgets, cut down on transaction processing time, provides visibility at all stages of approval, and ensures that there is an audit trail of all completed activities.”


  • Implement cost control over multiple branches
  • Eliminate redundant costs which arose through de-centralised staff and technology
  • Streamline procurement systems
  • Reduce the core number of suppliers and replace the manual staff expense claim process
  • Achieve cost savings and control improvements by using technology to enforce approval before purchase, approval limits, purchasing from preferred suppliers and the standardisation of purchasing.
  • Reduce external licence costs for terminal services through Fraxion’s cost-effective licence model


  • Accurately cater to the unique multi-taxation requirements facing many financial services companies
  • Reduce property management costs
  • Enable the unique delegation of authority matrix required by many financial services organisations
  • Manage high user counts and large transaction volumes
  • Centralise and enforce organisational policies and procedures
  • Improve change management
  • Implement spend management processes within the constraints of strict firewall, access control and security requirements
  • Enhance corporate governance compliance
  • Demonstrate effective control for legislative purposes
  • Implement budgetary controls a group level, allowing individual transactions to be assessed against these group budgets



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