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The tight profit margins inherent to this sector require streamlined operations and stern fiscal oversight of procurement processes and expenditure. By increasing control, accountability and transparency, institutions have the foundation to provide quality education underpinned by sound financial practices and the appropriate allocation of funds. Fraxion ensures that sector-specific challenges, such as enrolment campaigns, grant funded projects, IT expenditure as well as capital procurement is effectively managed and simplified. Our success and growing customer base in the Education sector has made Fraxion one of the largest providers of spend management technology to the private education sector.

Procurement Manager

Max Naidoo

“Fraxion has enabled spend visibility across locations; this transparency is invaluable and with access to real-time data, staff members are empowered to make sound financial decisions. Overall Fraxion is an excellent business information system.” “We’ve managed to cut our unbudgeted expenditure by 15%. We are looking forward to future Fraxion product releases.”

  • Gain centralised control over schools and facilities at numerous locations
  • Track and report against grant-specific spending
  • Control expenditure against specific projects (e.g. facility improvements, maintenance, new schools, upgrades to sports grounds and equipment etc)
  • Enable better visibility and budgeting on enrolment campaigns
  • Standardise IT equipment ordering
  • Mitigate the risk of mismanagement of funds
  • Manage and channel funds to the programs they are designated for
  • Achieve expansion without excessive licence fees
  • Improve operating efficiency to offset personnel reductions and budget cuts
  • Consolidate supply orders, negotiate discounts and leverage best value agreements
  • Manage capital expenditure
  • Save time through automation
  • Implement spend policies, approval processes and enforce compliance

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