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Service oriented organisations tend to be more personnel based with very little direct or inventory spend but have high volumes of indirect expenditure; an area where ERP and accounting solutions have traditionally been less focussed.

With no visibility of organisational spend, control tends to be retroactive. Disparate procurement processes occur at each location via inefficient paper-based processes, suppliers are not authorised, spend policy compliance with preferred suppliers is not enforced, leaving no capacity to negotiate pricing.

Fraxion provides the visibility and tools to effectively analyse expenditure and improve spend predictability, while extending control by enforcing policies and rigid approval processes.

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Janice Jantjies

“Fraxion has assisted BSG in automating and simplifying processes. Previously it would take a full business day to collate expense claim processes and post in Pastel. Fraxion has significantly reduced processing times and managers have the tools to analyse costs more effectively through the budget visibility the system provides.”

  • Eliminate maverick buying and duplicate goods or services
  • Enforce supplier pre-approval, enabling favourable terms and discounts to be negotiated
  • Leverage more favourable buying terms
  • Improve spend predictability
  • Significantly reduce travel spend
  • Enforce company-wide procurement policies and procedures
  • Save the costs that would be incurred through implementing expensive ERP functionality, through Fraxion’s cost-effective EDGE Licensing™ model
  • Enable the full recovery and billing of project related purchases, travel spend, to invoice generated payments and approved expenses claims

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