Fraxion Donates PABX Systems to Gift of the Givers

Aug 18 2016

Due to an upgrade of the telephone systems in our Cape Town and Johannesburg offices, we were able to donate two Siemens PABX systems to the worthy Gift of the Givers Foundation.

Fraxion CEO, Stanton Jandrell said: Our offices simply outgrew the telephone systems, and when we upgraded our support centre, we invested in the latest VOIP communication technology. We wanted to donate the PABX systems to a worthy cause as they are in near-perfect condition and proved to work very well for us. We made a few enquiries and Gift of the Givers were in need of them.

“I was very impressed by this ‘Proudly South African’ foundation. They are the largest African disaster relief organisation on the continent, and have provided aid to areas in need around the world. Gift of the Givers also assists local organisations on a daily basis providing food and blankets to the needy. Just on the day we visited, they were providing 4500 meals to people in Blikkiesdorp. We are delighted to have been able to assist them.”

Gift of the Givers has provided R650 million worth of disaster relief aid to 33 countries worldwide, including South Africa. This exceptional foundation also runs 24 projects and assists over 130 more, including providing regular meals and blankets to orphanages, homes for the elderly, soup kitchens and hospitals. They have offices in South Africa and in Malawi. The Foundation has received 72 awards to date, four of them from Heads of States, and all in recognition of their extraordinary dedication to providing humanitarian aid.

Gawa Sayed, Manager of the Cape Town office, said: “Each year our Foundation advances and grows by adding new projects and programmes, through these programmes we have seen many lives changed for the better.  However, these also substantially increased our workload, and there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Thanks to Fraxion’s contribution, our days will be a little easier, and in this line of work, every minute counts.

“The goal of the Gift of the Givers Foundation is to continue to make a difference, especially in our community. Through the support and assistance of individuals and corporate representatives, like Fraxion, we are able to continue strengthening our programmes that assist the needy and underprivileged people in our communities.”