7Arrows Security to increase efficiency & budget management with Fraxion

Jun 28 2018

7Arrows Security will deploy Fraxion to systemise business processes, enhance efficiency and improve financial and project budget management.

Fraxion will replace paper-based processes and increase the visibility of the intent to spend before supplier commitment takes place, enhancing cash-flow management. Fraxion CEO, Stanton Jandrell said: “Providing earlier budget visibility will empower employees to make informed decisions and drive smarter spending throughout the organisation.” With compliance notifications for out-of-policy actions, organisational management will improve, accountability will be enforced and risk mitigated. “Following our success in the security sector, we look forward to driving business efficiency at 7Arrows,” said Jandrell.

7Arrows Security provides a full suite of security services and products to residential and commercial clients in the greater Johannesburg area. The company has grown to approximately 700 staff members in its 7-year history. 7Arrows has worked to become one of the country’s foremost community protection specialists – and continues to develop its skills in specific industry sectors.